Gorslas history in photos

We’re working our way through a huge amount of old photos taken in the village. Here are just a few of them… the photo above the page was taken in 1989.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Gorslas Square 1908 – looking down from Church Road

Gorslas Square 1910 – taken from where Cae’r Ffair is today. The house facing you with the 2 Monkey Puzzle trees was originally the White Lion Inn.

Gorslas in 1989

Gorslas Square – date unknown

Pony & Trap alongside the Union Tavern. The large Horse Chestnut tree on the square today is just visible as a little tree behind the public house.

Gorslas Square 1960

20th February 2004 – The day the water main burst. the village square was covered in a sheet of ice.

Staff of Gorslas Co-operative Store (soon to be demolished).